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Quality hula hoops designed for stellar performance

Quality, colours, performance, design.

High quality hula hoops from HoopSpin.

Developing mind and body fitness while celebrating the joy of movement.

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hoopspin performance hoops

The power
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hoopspin performance hoops

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The power
of Play

What hoopers think:

I love my many HoopSpin hoops - they are all gorgeous and inspire me to practise more and improve so I can show them off! They’re also sturdy enough to survive the inevitable drops and crashes of a beginner.

Joanna Vallance

"HoopSpin are my constant go-to for hoop supplies! As soon as I discovered the Goldilocks Polypro I was in love and there was no turning back. The hardest thing about ordering from HoopSpin is picking the colour! They're all just too beautiful, which sometimes results in simply treating yourself ordering two... You won't regret it!"

Brona Howard (Hoopixie)

Since I switched from homemade heavy hoops to polypro I've been buying from HoopSpin. The first order must have been seven years or so ago and I have to say I'm a little afraid to count how many hoops I've ordered up till now... I've always been very happy with the hoops and the contact with HoopSpin about orders. My hoops have been around the world on my backpack and also gave me countless hours of joy at home and during performances. Thanks!

Coretta Jongeling

Hoopspin is my very first and only hoop supplier, I discovered it when I first started hula hooping! I simply love every hula hoop I bought :) nuclear pink is my favourite so far! thanks for being always helpful and nice! 

Giuditta Langone

HoopSpin hoops are great. I have a few different coloured polypro hoops in different thicknesses. The Goldilocks tubing is well worth trying out and can only be found here. Such a fabulous selection of beautiful colours and Gail is brilliant when it comes to sizing/tubing advice.

Cat Morewin

I would fully recommend HoopSpin to get hoops from. Great service and good quality hoops. So far I have 2 hoops. Easy to contact if any queries by email or Instagram. I'm fully enjoying my polypro hoops.

Missy Bee

I love the rockstar of a woman behind this company.

I love the company.

I love the quality of your products , the variety of colours and materials you offer, and that you make these hoops with dedication and passion for our community.

I love how patiently you explain every detail of every hoop and its idiosyncrasies so that even as newb, I could make a choice on what to order. 

I still love my first hoops.