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Fitness hula hoops


Fitness hooping has arrived!! Weighted hula hoops are popularising hula hooping across the fitness world and in turn shining a light on hoop dance.

Our 25mm hoops are GREAT exercise, giving you that little bit more weight for your workout. They are an amazing hoop fitness tool, a weighted hoop that doesn't hurt. Discover the joy of movement through hula hooping.

HoopSpin chunky 25mm hoops are amazing "Work your Waist" fitness hoops! Weighing in at between .6 and .8kg these hoop provide the extra resistance you want for hoop fitness, while not being so heavy that they cause injury. Taped in our unique custom tape colours get the best weighted hoop for fitness, movement and fun.

These fitness hoops are fully collapsible they can be coiled down into themselves allowing you to take your weighted hula hoop anywhere you go.

Hula hooping provides amazing mind/body fitness. It's such fun exercise that you stop caring about why you're sweating and get lost in moving your body and having fun while burning up those calories.

Check it out!! We are recommended by The Independent  

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    6 products