Spectacular custom made hoops for everyone, from total beginners to professional performers.

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beginner hoops

Just the right weight for starting to hoop and hoop fitness. Let us make learning to hula hoop easy and fun.

sectional hoops

Get creative. Choose up to six colours to create your ultimate breakdown travel hoop.

Polypro Hoops

Perfect for practice and performance. Over 50 colours of lightweight dance hula hoops

Kids Hula Hoops

Bright, fun children's hoops. Lightweight polypro hoops with cool hoop tape patterns and grip.

Polypro Tubing

For those who like to DIY we provide high quality polypro tubing in cuts from 20ft to 100ft.

Taped Polypro

Glitz, glamour and shine. Choose from our range of gorgeous tapes to create stunning performance hoops.

Fitness hoops

Mind and body hoop fitness! Have fun and build strength through movement with our weighted fitness hoops.

Clearance Hoops

Premade discounted hoops. Overstocked, tiny flaws or occasional post office returns = bargain hoops for you!

Hoop Add ons

All you need to make your own hoops! Hoop connectors, push buttons, rivets and more.


Design a hoop unique to you