Beginner Hoops - lets get started


There is nothing more exciting than ordering your first hula hoop! Let us help you fall in love with moving your body with a handmade beginner hula hoop custom taped from our unique tape collection.

Our adult sized beginner hula hoops range from weighted 1kg pure fitness hula hoops, designed to work the waist, to lighter 0.5kg mdpe starter hoops that can be used for a great hoop workout and also to start some of fancy hoop dance tricks you saw online. 

Don't get overwhelmed by all the options! 

We have our Ultimate Hoop Size Guide to help get rid of all the confusion and let you chose your hula hoop with ease.

Need more info? Feel free to check our How to's and FAQ's if you have any further questions that need answered. 

6 products

6 products