Hoop Classes - UK And Europe

Welcome to the HoopSpin Hula Hoop Map!

Hopefully we can help you find your Hoop Community or learn to hula hoop. This is a map of hula hoop teachers who are teaching regular classes or who offer private lessons. It also has hoop jams that are regularly running.

To use the Map:

Zoom in on your area on the map


Click on the Icon in the top right of the Map to make the map full size.

Then there is a search icon (magnifying glass)  beside the map title in the red bar. Type your area in the search box or zoom in on the map. (The hoop pins are general, click on the pin for details for directions/specific class locations)


Click on the square icon with the little arrow on the top left of the map it shows the menu and the classes are listed there.

I'm working on a more streamlined version but this one is still pretty good :) 

Hoop Classes/Jams are not operated or verified by HoopSpin (if something is weird let me know though).
Please email the teacher using the details provided on the map not me!
All classes we know about are on the map.

If you are a teacher and want to add your class or you attend/run a regular circus or hoop jam please email me at hello@hoopspin.co.uk and I will add you.

Good luck finding your hoop community, Love Gail


PS: I'm totally happy for you to share the link to the map on here and share it in general, it was a labour of love to gather the info and create this resource so I'd rather you didn't copy it x