Ready to travel - Sectional Hoops

sectional travel hula hoop in sections

Our stunning sectional hoops are the ultimate travel hoops for those who love to adventure at festivals and hoop retreats. These breakdown travel hoops are great for strapping to a backpack or popping straight in your suitcase.

Available in over 50 colours, all tubing sizes and 2-6 sections allowing you to create a fully customized hoop that is as unique as you are. Although sections can be interchangeable, each piece is really made to fit seamlessly with its adjacent piece in the configuration you order to ensure a beautiful round hoop! We make the hoops in the order of colours you select.

Can't Choose? Check our set sectionals in our Ready to Choose Sectionals 

Order, Enjoy, Take on amazing adventures. Tag us @hoopspin on insta.

We hope you love them x

21 products

21 products