How to care for your HoopSpin Hula Hoop

Thank you for ordering your hula hoop from us! Failing to read this info means we may not be able to help you if things go wrong. 


Looking after your hula hoop


  • We really recommend you check out our How to open and close a hoop video HERE
  • Take the hoop out of the packaging (stop to eat the sweets). 

  • Disconnect the push button. Take a little pressure off the hoop connection by pushing gently down on the join then push the silver button down below the level of the tubing (I use a pen lid or key if it’s stiff).

  • Gently wiggle the hoop side to slide and slide the connection apart.

  • Let the hoop rest in the open position for a couple of hours (or overnight)

  • Reconnect the hoop in the full sized position by pushing the button down  and sliding the two ends of the hoop back together until the button pops up.





Whether you ordered a beginner hoop, fitness hoop or polypro hoop it will come coiled down either fully or part way so we can get it in the post. All our hoops use a push button mechanism to open and close. They are NOT twist open hoops!

When it arrives we recommended watching the video HERE on disconnecting and reconnecting your hoop. Let it rest on the floor in the open position for a few hours or over night before reconnecting it at full size. Polypro is a plastic that likes to retain the shape it is placed in so it will need to relax and uncoil. Resting it, then hooping with it will ensure your hoop is a nice round shape.

Polypro Hoops are sold naked. If it’s a little slippery running sand paper round the inside helps give it a little grip or you can run a strip of gaffer tape around the inside edge . You can buy it here. Beginner Hoops and Taped polypro arrive fully collapsed. The inner hoop tape may look a little wrinkled from collapsing but you can smooth it out with your hand once the hoop is full sized. 

Polypro is pretty flexible but you do need to be careful when collapsing / uncoiling your hoop so you don’t kink it. When uncoiling do not twist the hoop open. This will destroy the connector and void your warranty (we will know!). Take a little bit of the pressure off the hoop push the button in and pull the ends apart. 

If you are not confident fully collapsing your hoop we recommend partially collapsing and securing with duct tape or velcro. We do not cover hoops that break when you collapse them. We do not recommend fully collapsing hoops under 32 inch for 19/17.5mm hoops and 28 inch for 16mm hoop. 

If you don’t do this or you be rough with it you could damage it and then you will be a sad penguin.

I hope you love your hoop. If you have any questions please contact us.


1) Don’t store your polypro fully collapsed, just collapse it for travel. Storing it like that can put stress on the connector and can make the tubing wonky. Don’t rush when collapsing it be careful. If your hoop has been stored collapsed or when it arrives after posting we recommend disconnecting the button and letting the hoop 'rest' in the open position before reconnecting it as a full-size hoop.

2) Polypro’s hate the cold. It's the nature of the plastic and we can't fight physics. You can play with it in the winter outside but you need to be careful doing breaks and wedgies and other high impact moves. In the cold the tubing gets brittle so if you drop it you can get micro cracks in the tubing that will then snap with further impacts. Be super careful collapsing hoops in the cold. Sorry I can't change physics to make it easier.

3) Taped Polypro Hoops and Beginner Hoops. The tape may have slight wrinkles in when you collapse it down these will smooth out when you make it full size and you can smooth any bumps out with your hand. Taped hoops are best used on grass or inside. In a fight between concrete/gravel and Cloth tape or Shiny tape the concrete is going to win. You have to take care of your hoop. 

4) Try and keep your hoops dry especially taped hoops. The plastic won't mind getting wet but the tape may peel off and the connectors and push buttons/rivets don't like the water. If it does gets wet try and dry it after. 

5) If you ignored 1) or you left it in the back of the car in the heat and it got all wonky or you piled loads of stuff on top of it and forgot. Put your hoop under your mattress and leave it there. SLEEP ON IT. This helps flatten the wonk. Or if you have sunshine you can leave the hoop connected in the sunshine and it should return to it’s proper shape

6) The UV polypros glow under UV or Blacklight they don’t glow in the dark. You can’t send it back because it doesn’t glow in the dark it was never going to. Sorry, this is a thing apparently.

7) If you take your hoop somewhere lovely and tropical avoid getting insect repellent on your hoop (or any other plastic like sunglasses) the polycarbonate in your connectors will react with DEET and fracture (who knew).

8) If it’s too big or you grew out of it. It’s easy to cut down. See our How to Downsize your hula hoop page!

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