Sectional travel hoop

Let us take away the hoop colour overwhelm. We know it's hard to decide what looks great together with all the gorgeous polypro hoop colours available. We have created a range of stunning sectional hoops to make choosing easier.

Just select the Hoop you want from our range and then you just need to decide on the size.

If you see a combination that is "nearly" what you want then make a note of the colours in that hoop and go the custom listing to create your own.

e.g. you love the 4 piece Autumn Leaves Hoop but want a 5 section hoop take a note of the colours in the listing go to the 5 piece sectional page on the menu and add the colours plus the extra colour you want. (kalypso and silver go great in this hoop)


You love the 5 piece Rainbow Sectional but really hate green. Just take a note of the other colours and either choose a 4 piece sectional without the green or choose a 5 piece and substitute the green for an alternate colour.

Got a great idea for a sectional to go in this collection. Drop us a message and let us know x



5 products

5 products