We know starting your hoop journey or even choosing your next hoop means a lot of questions.
Hopefully these FAQ's and our How to's can help you make your decisions.
We've divided them into handy sections so you can easily find the answers you need.
Happy Hooping.


HoopSpin Hoops really are out of this world.

We have been making hoops, hula hooping, teaching and performing for almost a decade and a half and understand what makes an amazing hula hoop.

We've travelled and searched the world and combined our extensive experience with the highest quality materials to make hoops we are proud to use proud to sell.

Each hoop is individually crafted to meet your needs. We understand the joy of hooping with a brand new hoop and love that we can be a part of that experience.

Whether it's your first or your fiftieth hoop we have what you need right HERE.

There are so many variables on this; How long you've been hooping, hoop style, what tricks you want to do, body shape. It comes down to personal choice and changes over time until you end up with many hoops for different things!

We've used our decade of experience in hula hooping and hoop making to help you chose the right hoop size. This is our personal recommendation. Check our How to Chose a Hula Hoop article HERE.

If you need further individual advice about the right hoop for you personally we strongly suggest chatting to other hoopers online about what they think will work best!

We ship all over the UK and Europe from our base in Northern Ireland. Check our shipping page for info.

We are happy to ship further afield but drop us a message to discuss shipping costs.

All hoops are measured by OUTSIDE diameter. So the hoop is measured from outside edge to outside edge.

Yes! Our hoops are all travel hoops. All hoops are push button collapsible or break down sectional. So they coil down either partially or fully into themselves or break apart into pieces. Perfect travel hoops. While we fully collapse hoops for shipping we do not recommend fully coiling any hoops under 30 inch and under 32 for 19mm hoops. Check our How to collapse a hula hoop video HERE.

If you are not confident we recommend partially collapsing the hoop and securing with velcro or tape. We will not refund or replace hoops that break during collpasing.

All our hoops whether coil down or sectional are push button operated.

We have a full explanation on opening and closing and link to video HERE.

We advise reading the article and watching the video before using your hoop.

Failure to do so may void your warranty.


Taped polypro, beginner hoops and fitness hoops:
Ship within 7 working days. We aim to ship on Fridays with pour polypros

Untaped polypro, sectional hoops, ready to ship hoops: Made/packaged on Weds/Thursday - Ship Fridays.

This does not include transit times.

Our build time is subject to
change depending on order volume and supply & demand.

Yes for sure! Order your hoop as normal and pop the outside diameter in cm in the notes section.

Or check our conversion table and order the closest hoop in inches!

Gift vouchers!! Gift vouchers all the way. Hooping is a never ending journey. Their favourite hoop this week they may wish was slightly smaller next week. We would advise either chatting to the person you're buying for or their best hoop friend to make sure they get what they need. They will care!

Also if the gift is a surprise HoopSpin gift vouchers give loads of flexibility for them to chose the hoop they will really love you for.

Our, How to look after your hula hoop page, lets you know the best way to look after your polypro and beginner hoops to keep them in the best condition for years to come.


Thank you for ordering from us.

We have sent an email letting your know making and processing times. Check your junk mail and any alternate emails that may be attached to your payment account eg Paypal for further info before reaching out to us.

Cut off for weekly orders

Wednesday at midnight


Untaped polypro, sectional hoops ready to ship hoops: Made/packaged on Wednesdays./Thursdays and shipped Fridays.

Taped polypro, beginner hoops and fitness hoops:
Made and Shipped within 7 days of ordering We normally aim to get them out with the polypros on Fridays if ordered before the cut off but if we have loads of taped hoops it's not always possible and they will ship within 7 days.


This is estimated time from being left at the post office to getting to your house. It's is not the time from ordering.

Deliveries are Royal mail in the UK who then hand over to the national post service in your country. I do not secretly own or operate the delivery companies of the UK and every European country. I'm also not personally bringing the hoop to your door. Your post man will bring it. I wouldn't have thought this was a confusing issue but here we are.

Once your order is shipped we will send you a further email and your tracking number if applicable.

Shipping to the UK:

Special delivery - Next day after shipping.

1st class - 2-7 days after shipping

Shipping to Europe:

Tracked and signed - 1 week - dependent on Customs processing. No customs charges apply but sometimes it still takes a while to get through. I think they have a secret hoop troupe in customs offices.

Your tracking number will be emailed to you once you hoop has been made and shipped. International order tracking numbers are shipped by UPS automatically.

Keep an eye on your junk mail and any alternate emails you may have attached to your payment account.


Hooping does not come easy to most of us! It really is just practice and perseverance but when you get it once it feels great and will get easier and easier until you don't even need to think about it! Here are the 5 tips I would give to anyone I teach to hoop for the first time:

1. Start with the hoop tight against your lower back.

2. Bend your knees a tiny bit with one foot a little in front, ready to rock your weight back and forth.
3. Wind your hoop up to one side
4. Push the hoop across your body as fast and flat as you can and don't stop rocking!
5. If you feel the hoop dropping lower on your hips, dip your knees and wiggle faster to get it back up.

These are my tips for people struggling at first, but there is no right or wrong way to hula hoop - if you spin a hoop and it works for you, then it's right.

If you still need help check this amazing How to Hoop tutorial from our ambassador Jo Mondy.

Need more help? Our ambassadors have a multitude of tutorials and lessons online and in person. Check their page HERE

The difference is weight.

25mm hoops are heavier so
move more slowly making it easier to get on-body moves and keep the hoop going around the waist

20mm - If you're slightly built or want to do mostly off-body dancing you might prefer this lighter hoop

20mm hoops are also popular with
those that have been hooping a while but want a bit more weight than the
a light polypro.

Flexibility is also affected, comparing two hoops the same
size but difference thickness, the 20mm hoop will always be more flexible.

The more tape on a hoop the heavier it will be.

The biggest difference it makes is GRIP:

Smooth shiny tape will slide right off most fabrics.

Duct tape is textured so is a little grippier.

Gaffer tape is the grippiest which is why we recommend it on all our beginner hoops and add a little of it round the inside of all our shiny hoops.

Natural fabrics like cotton give the most grip with a hoop, but nothing beats bare skin for grip. If you’re trying to learn knee hooping, shorts make a MASSIVE difference. Same with shoulder hoop in a vest top, foot hooping in bare feet. However anyone trying to learn foot starts, get yourself some thick socks or legwarmers on and your ankles will thank you!

Bruising is very common when you start hula hooping and especially with the heavier hoops. Every new move can bring it’s own bruise but they don’t last long and normally don’t come back again.

The tendency to just keep going to try and nail that one move your working in is hard to overcome! If your hands or hips or legs start to feel tender it's time to take a break and try the next move for a while.

If are worried at all about a particular bruise or the potential for bruising please don’t hesitate to consult your medical practitioner.

This really depends on how you are planning to Hula Hoop.

If you are just starting out and it's your first hula hoop a heavier larger hoop rotates more slowly giving you time to make adjustments in your body and pick up the technique.

If you are hoping to do fast tricks around your body a heavy hoop is not your friend and you'll need a lighter polypro hoop tubing!

Peoples hoop needs evolve as they go along we suggest checking out our guide on choosing a hula hoop HERE

Fitness Hoops - even here heavier isn't necessarily better because the smaller and lighter the hoop, the more energy it takes to keep the hoop going. BUT the bigger and heavier the hoop, the easier it is to keep going, which means you may be able to do it for a longer period of time and you get more resistance.

We don't recommend or sell hoops that are over 1.1kg.


Goldilocks is the hoop tubing that is juuuuuuuust right!

It's in between the skinny 16mm and fatter 19mm tubing with a diameter of 17.5mm BUT the actual tubing wall is thicker than normal polypro tubing which gives it a little extra weight and makes it perfect for splitting hoops, transitioning from beginner hoops to polypro or just a great all round hoop for on and off body. The thicker wall means that there is a little extra pressure on the join so we tend to use aluminium connectors to counter act this (same weight as polycarb just stronger!!)

We found a lot of the "how to" guides were US based so we put together a handy guide for making polypro in the UK and Europe! Check it here: http://www.hoopspin.co.uk/how-to-make-polypro-hoops

We offer polypro tubing in loads of different o


Yes, you can! We have a handy chart that lets you know how the sizing works when you take out a section Here. However sectional hula hoops are hand made and will fit best in the sequence you selected on ordering as this is the order in which the hoop was manufactured.

Sectional hoops are hand made in the colour order you selected when ordering. While we try to make each section interchangeable it will fit best in the order it was made it.

If it looks not quite right you probably put it together in the wrong order!. Hoops that are the same colour are numbered and are put together in numerical order.


So you've bought your tubing! Now what?

We found a lot of the "how to" guides were US based so we put together a handy guide for making polypro in the UK and Europe! Check it here: http://www.hoopspin.co.uk/how-to-make-polypro-hoops

Your tubing order comes with the tubing you ordered and 3 inches of polypro insert material per 10ft.

Rivets, push buttons and polycarbonate connectors are available for purchase HERE

While the majority of our colours are available some of our tubing is not.

We don't carry huge amounts of Goldilocks tubing and it needs metal connectors that we don't supply so we only offer it as hula hoops

Glitter and gloss tubing is prone to cracking if it isn't cut properly and so we don't offer this.

If you have special requirements or a colour/tubing that you are desperate for as we can always look into ordering it for you.

Large tubing orders may be subject to a 2-3 week lead time but we will let you know that as soon as you order it!

Yes we do indeed.

Orders of over 500ft (can be different colours) qualify for our bulk discount rates.

Drop us an email if you have questions

Large orders may be subject to a 2-3 week lead time. We will let you know as soon as you order if there will be a wait.

If you have specific colour requirements let us know and we will order it for you!

All our tubing is measured and cut to order so cannot be returned or exchanged.

We recommend making and selling the hoops and reordering the tubing you need.

We have these available in our ADD ON section.

We have grip tape available in our add on section.

For decorative tapes or bulk tape orders We recommend Fancy Tapes for all your shiny and grip tape needs.


As all our hoops and tubing are measured, cut and custom built to order we cannot accept exchanges on any hula hoops or tubing cuts.

We suggest trying to pass your hoop on within the community and then replacing it with what you need.

We ensure all hoops are in perfect condition when they leave our studio.

If your package arrives damaged please take a photo off it in it original packaging and let us know ASAP (within 7 days).

We will resolve each case on an individual basis as soon as possible.

We do not accept returns or issue refunds unless the issue is discussed with us first.

All hoops are shipped coiled down fully or partially for travel. Please read your confirmation email and hoop care advice for how to open your hoop.

We did not send you two tiny hoops instead of the big hoop you ordered I promise.

If you think your hoop is the wrong size please check the outer diameter with a tape measure to be sure before getting in touch.

Please have a little check of your order if your size and colour don't seem to match what arrived let us know immediately (within 48 hours) and do not use the hoop until the issue is resolved!

Thanks x


If you ordered a hoop thats just too big or you've been using it a while and want to use a smaller hoop instead then downsizing your hoop is a pretty easy process if you have or can borrow some tools.

The steps to make your hoop smaller are laid out in the How to make a hula hoop guide HERE.

First thing is DON"T PANIC but stop trying to collapse your hoop now! Once a hoop has been kinked it is now uncollapsible. The kink will make a structural weakness that will get much worse and maybe even snap if you keep trying to fold it.

Hopefully if the dent is not too severe you can push it back into shape and use that hoop as a non collapsible hoop.

The other option is to cut the tubing at the point where the dent/kink is and add a connector (follow the instructions on our How to make a hula hoop page). It really won't throw the weight off that much. You could even add a few more connections and turn it into a sectional hoop.

Don't worry it doesn't have to be the end of your favourite hoop

If you are not confident fully collapsing your hoop we recommend partially collapsing the hoop and securing with velcro or tape. We will not refund or replace hoops that kink/break during collapsing.

We do not recommend fully collapsing hoops under 32 inches in 19 or 17.5mm tubing.

We do not recommend fully collapsing 16mm hoops under 28mm.

We use Royal Mail for all UK orders except large boxes which go with Parcelforce. International tracked orders will either ship with UPS tracked or Royal Mail. We can no longer ship international orders untracked as they get caught up in the

We ship our hoops fully collapsed in heavy duty recyclable lay flat polyethylene or heavy duty bags.

Our large tubing orders ship in boxes.

Tape and buttons ship in little boxes or padded envelopes.

Your hoop has been coiled down for anything from a couple of days to a couple of weeks in transit. Plastic likes to hold it's shape (especially goldilocks tubing).

We recommend leaving your hoop disconnected on a flat surface for a few hours before connecting. If it still doesn't seem right hang it on a door handle with the connector at the top for a few hours and gravity will help you.If it looks a bit twisty we recommend leaving it under a mattress for 12 hours until it flattens out.


Thanks for asking!! We are a very small company and have just expanded our ambassador team.

We aren't adding to the team at present.

We don't, sorry. We have an amazing ambassador team that is at capacity. We are a very small business (Just me I'm 5ft) and we work super hard to bring the best hoop materials, colours and knowledge to our hoop crafting! We appreciate people recommending our hoops so much. It allows us to continue the business and invest in exciting new products!

We hope that'll you'll recommend our hoops because they are great hoops and you love them and we are happy to share your work so feel free to tag us! xx

Sorry but no. We run an ambassador team not an affiliate scheme. We really really appreciate you recommending us. We work hard to get the best possible hoops to you and word of mouth helps small businesses thrive. Hopefully you recommend our hoops because you love them!