pile of clear Small polycarbonate connectors for joining hula hoop tubing
Polycarbonate Hoop Connectors

Polycarbonate Hoop Connectors

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  • SMALL 1/2" connectors: These are hoop inserts to go inside Skinny OR Goldilocks polypro 16mm (5/8ths)/17.5mm (11/16ths)
  • REGULAR 5/8" connectors: These are hoop inserts to go inside Regular Polypro 19mm(3/4") hoops
    •  Super strong and light weight Polycarbonate connectors that are great for making riveted or push button hoops! (approx 1.65 inches long)
    • The Polycarbonate connectors are VERY snug. At first it will be a challenge to work with them, but over time they will loosen up just a bit.


    Please note that these connectors have been too tight for some cuts of tubing. We recommend using router bits in your drill to make them fit, it has been a life changing tool for hoop making. I bought mine Here.

    Alternatively a little bit of heat and silicone plumbers lubricant can help.

    We have found over time that people prefer to have to work a little harder to disconnect their hoop than have a weak wobbly hoop because of a loose connection.


    We have taken photos of our hoops in different lights and will keep adding to this. Colours vary depending on light sources and may also vary due to your monitor settings. We suggest using a google image search to see as many variations in lighting as possible. Don't forget to check our Instagram too.


     All hoops are measured by OUTSIDE diameter. So the hoop is measured from outside edge to outside edge.


    We make our sectional hoops in the order that you select the colours. Our hoops are hand made so while we try to make the sections interchangeable they will always fit best in the colour order you selected. If your hoop is one colour we will mark the sections with numbers on the push buttons to indicate the order that they fit best.



      • We take hoop orders every week until Wednesday at Midnight. Orders after this will ship the following week.

      • We make orders Wednesday/Thursday and ship Fridays at present. The cut off is Wednesday night.

    • You get a confirmation email when you order and when it has been shipped. Please check your junk mail for our emails before contacting us.

    • We advise use a tracked service for orders outside the UK. Your tracking number will be sent separately by UPS you must check your junk mail because you are an actual grown up now.

    • Postage times are from day of posting not day of order e.g. if you chose Special delivery that means the hoop will be delivered the day after we put it in the post. We don't have a next day delivery for hoops because they are hand made to order. See above for build/making times. 

    • If your order is URGENT please let us know WHEN YOU NEED THEM FOR. We will try our best to meet your needs but everything is handmade and we make hoops in the order they come in so it's not always possible please don't be mean about it, it's really up to you to check the build times on the website. 


    • Hoops are hand made and custom taped to order by my own lovely hands.

    • Hoops ship within 7 BUSINESS days of ordering.

    • Postage times are from day of posting not day of order. 




    Our Customers say

    I absolutely love my HoopSpin hoops and own several of them now. My personal favourite is the goldilocks tubing it is just amazing! The hoops are durable and well made with a great choice colour of options. If you’re on the fence about buying a hoop, just bite the bullet and get one, you won’t regret it! 

    Beth Wakefield

    I purchased 40 feet of beautiful tubing to make myself polypro hoops. I got the UV fucshia, UV purple iris, Teal Shadow Perl and Navy Blue eclipse I love the colours, really happy of my purchase. Also I can see the quality of the tubing that's staying really beautiful over time. I recommend HoopSpin!

    Anaïs Andujar